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10 Types Of Acrylic Retail Displays

10 Types Of Acrylic Retail Displays

Date created: July 12, 2019
Absolute Plastic Fabrications
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Acrylic is a popular display medium because it is durable, transparent and very much light in weight. These displays are perfect for all kinds of retail shops. Here we are going to discuss different kinds of Acrylic Retail Displays in detail.

Types of Acrylic Displays

Now, we are going to discuss different types of acrylic displays one by one. Let’s check out.

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are very much suitable for any retail store. By using them you can display and promote your products with ease and quite effectively.

Acrylic Countertop Displays

If you would like to display smaller products like perfumes, creams and bottles then countertop displays are the best option for you. Acrylic countertop displays are divided into two types. They are horizontal display and vertical tower display.

Acrylic Literature Display

If you want to display coupon books, and magazines then you have to choose acrylic literature displays. These acrylic displays are generally mounted on the wall.

Acrylic Easels

Acrylic easels such as trays, j racks, shelves are yet another way to showcase your products effectively. Custom acrylic displays are in fact very much suitable for a retail shop.

Acrylic Display Trays and Bins

Acrylic Display trays and bins are widely used for showing collectibles or merchandise and countertop displaying. These types of trays and bins can be found in antique stores, gift stores and such other places.

Acrylic Apparel Displays

These displays are used to show all kinds of apparel products. You can display shirts, t-shirts and traditional wears with the help of apparel displays.

Acrylic Eye-Wear Displays

They are found in optical stores. You can easily display all kinds of eye-wear products with the help of these displays. They are even used widely in ophthalmologist’s office and boutiques stores.

Acrylic Jewelry Displays

You can display your jewellery products with the help of acrylic jewellery display. From earrings to necklaces, acrylic jewellery display is the perfect choice to display your products in an attractive way.

Acrylic Specialty Displays

Acrylic specialty displays come in various sizes and shapes. They are very suitable to showcase ornaments in a retail store. 

Acrylic Slat-Wall And Grid-Wall

Acrylic slat-walls and grid-walls are perfect options to display a wide range of products. From home accessories to apparels, you can showcase your products with these displays quite effectively.
Quality acrylic materials are versatile and cost-effective. They are also transparent. This means the products in retail shops can be viewed from any angle when showcased in any of the acrylic displays mentioned above. Get attractive and high-quality acrylic covers and displays at an affordable rate in Sydney from Absolute Plastic Fabrication.

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