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Acrylic: Is It More Advantageous Than Glass?

Acrylic: Is It More Advantageous Than Glass?

Date created: August 13, 2019
Absolute Plastic Fabrication
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Acrylic is also called plexiglass, it is a plastic which is widely used for displaying different items and retail products like jewellery, cosmetics, cakes, books and many more. It is inexpensive, versatile and highly long-lasting. Nowadays it is extensively used for different applications including the LCD screens, security barriers, paints, nails and many more. So, never underestimate the strength of the acrylic plastic. Acrylics are very strong and unbreakable. Apart from that, these plastics offer a wide selection of sizes, colours & display options.


Advantages of Acrylic Plastic

    1. Provide Clarity: Acrylic plastic is popular because of its transparency. So, with the help of this material, you can always draw the attention of your customers to the products on display.
    2. Easy Maintenance: You never like to spend more time to maintain your Visual Displays at your retail stores. So, when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, nothing is better than acrylic. It requires very low maintenance. So, you will not spend too much time to clean this material. 


Important Features Of Acrylic Visual Displays

Acrylic is generally used as fabricating material in podiums, fixtures, display cases, boxes and others. Only, for this reason, retailers who are in search of memorable and eye-catching elements for the item displays, they always go for acrylic. Some features that include:
    • Clarity
    • Strength
    • Lightweight
    • Good Angles
    • Scratch-resistant


Why Acrylic Is Preferable Than Glass?

If you compare acrylic plastics with the glass materials then you will find both similarities and dissimilarities. Undoubtedly, transparency comes under the similarities but a list of dissimilarities is bigger than the list of similarities. It has several reasons. Let discuss in brief.

 • Impact Resistance

Acrylic plastic has more impact resistant as compared to glass because glass is a brittle material. It can easily break after a certain load.
 • Workability
Acrylic is used for different purposes in comparison to glass. You can easily drill on Acrylic if required whereas you never try the drilling operation on the glass. Glass is brittle, so, it never bears the vibration and impact of drilling.

 • Weight

 Glass is heavier than acrylic. Small acrylic products like an aquarium, donation boxes are easier to lift as compared to glass items. You can move easily your acrylic product around your retail shop or home.
Thus acrylic always helps you with versatility, workability, reliability and more. If can always fulfil your display needs. So, for your retail shop and other purposes, Acrylic Displays are the best option to choose. 

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