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Know Everything About Acrylic Signage

Know Everything About Acrylic Signage

Date created: August 29, 2019
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Acrylic is generally manufactured from one of the versatile and durable plastic sheets, which is called Plexiglas. This polymer sheet is colourless, transparent and comes with a glossy finish. Plexiglas is a great alternative to traditional glasses because it has great clarity and depth. If you want sophisticated and high-tech signage then acrylics are the best options for you. These are available in different types of colours. They are widely used for architectural, tradeshow and illuminated signs.
Acrylic signs provide UV ray protection. So, they can also be used as the rigid substances for vinyl lettering and print films such as a clear window or opaque decals.
Acrylic Signage is excellent options for a simple but elegant look for any store, business or office. Apart from that, these signs are customisable and one of the great ways of displaying your brand or logo.

Applications Of Acrylic Signs

Acrylics are heated to make many shapes. There are different types of products are made from acrylics such as boxes, easels, menu boards, brochure holders, trade show exhibits, restaurant signs, retail signs, name badges, nameplates, informational signs, showroom signs, office signs, directional signs, point-of-purchase items and many more.


Acrylic Sign Ideas

The effectiveness of visuality of the acrylic sign can be increased by 

  • Adding borders and strips
  • Applying different types of lettering colours
  • Incorporating graphic symbols and logos
  • Using acrylic layers for enhancing the image
  • Creating 3D effects
  • Giving the depth perception to the final product
  • Clear acrylics
  • Creating custom applications
  • Using easels
  • Creating non-glare acrylic for minimising glare issues.

Key Advantages


Attractive and Professional 

Acrylic has a glass-like like sophisticated and crystal clear look. This look makes the signage more attractive and professional as well.


Durable, Lightweight And Long-Lasting 

Acrylic has become popular because of its durability. The hard plastic material can't be broken easily like glass and it is also weather resistant. So, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor purposes. Though acrylic is a hard material surprisingly it is lighter in weight as compared to glass. High- quality and durability make the acrylic signage very long-lasting in comparison to others. This signage is a very good option for your business because of these advantages.



Acrylic can be moulded or bent into different shapes and sizes at a lower temperature. This ability helps to make Custom Signage.

Acrylic signs can work well for different kinds of businesses. In Sydney, you can mostly see these signages in many restaurants, retail shops, hotels etc. So, if you are in search of durable and cost-effective signage for business then acrylic signage is only one option that you choose.

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