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What Are The Important Rules Of Visual Merchandising?

What Are The Important Rules Of Visual Merchandising?

Date created: September 30, 2019
Absolute Plastic Fabrications
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Visual merchandising or marketing is one of the major aspects of any retailing business. Visual merchandising is a process or technique, you can attract customers with your displaying merchandise and products effectively. With the help of visual merchandising technique, you can easily increase the rate of your sales and promote your brand as well as business. This technique also helps to make a good relationship with your potential customer. There are some important rules of visual merchandising process. 

The Three-Rule

When you are planning to create displays, three common rules need to be considered. Experts have proved that having 3 items of different sizes and shapes can draw the customer’s attention. By using this rule, you will easily make an asymmetrical display. When you are planning to arrange your products and decor, always try this rule for making a beautiful experience with a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. While arranging the height, always place your products in three different positions (low, medium, high) on the Perspex Displays. If you would like to attract price-conscious customers then always arrange your products from a lower range to the highest range. This arrangement helps them to identify your product quickly and also understand the quality of the range of quality of your products. In short, this theory of three can make your retail store well organised and give a good in-store experience to your customers. 

Pyramid Principle

The pyramid principle is a triangular process of displaying products on the acrylic stands. According to this principle, you should always place your most important product at the centre of the store and place the smallest items outside. In this way, customers are also attracted by the middle products.  It is a systematic approach of displaying the products and attracting the customer’s eyes as well. 

Visual Display

As a retail owner, you need to highlight the best-selling and popular products in the store at the most economical rate. For the customers who prefer values, you should represent your products to them with the proper value and deal. In this way, you can draw their attention to your products. Display your products with bright coloured display stands and creative price tags to show your latest deals. Different types of price tags and prices slashed are essential for showing your best quality products. 
In short, these three visual merchandising rules offer a better experience to the customer. To grow up your business and make a good position in the competitive market, you need to follow these crucial rules every time.

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