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acrylic covers and bases

    At Absolute Plastic Fabrications, we are adept at making acrylic covers and bases as per the requisites of clients. Our qualified and skilled plastic fabricators possess over 20 years of experience, which gives them the adroitness necessary to produce high quality and long-lasting solutions. Our acrylic covers and bases can be used in a plethora of places, including retail stores, museums, exhibitions, trade shows, shopping malls, offices and even homes.

    Each of our work is produced up to the highest standards of quality for ensuring complete satisfaction. We always make sure to build the right acrylic cover or base that reflects professionalism, because we understand that businesses need to outshine their competitors with the aid of attractive display media. For imparting a flawless look to our covers and bases, we employ the technique of diamond polishing, which leaves them with a chic and sleek sheen.

    Throughout the fabrication process of our covers and bases, we take into account the style, shape and size specifications of the client meticulously, thus granting them full control over the design of the products. As such, our techniques are absolutely customisable and can be tailored as required to achieve the desired results.

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