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donation boxes and raffle barrels

    Nowadays, donation boxes and raffle barrels fashioned out of acrylic are used by a number of places such as charity organisations, clubs, shopping malls, pubs, schools, retail shops and so on. They are utilised for a variety of purposes including money collection, suggestion, raffle, voting and client service needs. We at Absolute Plastic Fabrications design, manufacture and supply standard-sized as well as custom made donation boxes & raffle boxes. With over 2 decades of active experience in the plastic fabrication industry, our aptly skilled professionals use state-of-the-art equipment such as laser cutter and routing machine for designing these products.

    Each of our donation boxes and raffle barrels is fabricated up to the highest quality standards for achieving the right combination of aesthetic appeal and professionalism. To prevent theft and ensure security, they also come pre-fitted with sturdy lock mechanisms. Customers can either opt for our standard and readymade solutions or have one built by us as per the requirements of their application.

    Being made out of popular acrylic products like Plexiglass, our donation boxes and raffle barrels are lightweight, extremely portable, shatter-resistant, invulnerable to impact and also relatively easy to maintain. Besides that, their exquisite and attractive gloss finish makes them ideal for use in any charity event, voting session, retail store, donation campaign, etc.

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